A Christmas pressie from moi to moi

Miu Miu Madras in Nero

I finally got my hands on this Miu Miu!! I have been dreaming of her ever since I saw her in Venice!

The story is,  at the time in Venice I saw the Madras bag in fuchsia and turquoise. I was umm-ing and ah-ing about turquoise but then I decided I should save my luggage space and wait till I got to Paris (being my last leg of the Europe trip) and hoped that I could score myself the bag in black.

When I got to Paris, there was one and only one left and in BLACK! My COLOUR! But lo and behold, the leather on the bag was slightly scratched and very visible.

Came back from Europe Miu-Miu-less.

Since then I have been making small appearances at the Sydney Miu Miu boutique just to check out the stock. Every now and again I’d see a Madras but just not in Black…. until 2 days before Christmas I got a very special call from Miu Miu.

The Black Madras had just been delivered from Italy. My reaction over the phone *OMGISH*

So long story short, this is my Christmas present to moi~

No doubt, the Madras bag is my favourite Christmas pressie this year, but it comes quite close to a Hello Kitty cushion that my little sis got me:

Hello Kitty cushion. LOVE LOVE LOVE

The cushion is soooo big! Here she is next to the bag for size comparisons:

Hello Kitty with my new Miu Miu!

What did you get for Christmas? Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love and got what you wished for!

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