Chanel and Thursday late night shopping adventures

Chanel goodies in the box

Photo of the day: Chanel goodies in the box

I may or may not have spent my “resisted from shopping at the shopbop sale savings” on some irresistible Chanel during my Thursday late night shopping…

You see, I was proud that I was not tempted from the 20% off family and friends sale that I rewarded myself by having unlimited amounts of chocolate during the day. Needless to say I was a little hyperactive.

In addition, given that it was Thursday late night shopping and I stayed back at work waiting for a report never arrived on time (grrr), I told myself that I was able to purchase 1 thing tonight.

Despite reports that the consumer sentiment has been low (the lowest in 8 months to be exact), the shopping scene was quite busy.

Christian Louboutin was busy with its Private 20th Anniversary celebration affairs. Mid-season sales at David Jones and mid-season sales at Myer.

As part of Clinique Australia‘s current promotions, I swapped one of my old mascaras for one of Clinique’s High Impact mascara. (Get to one of their counters while stock lasts!)

I was almost run over by a group of crazy ladies in Prada, I got run over by a group of crazy shoppers in Zara.

I also had to drop by Chanel to pick up my double C pearl studs from the Spring 2012 collection.

Here she is:

Chanel  Double C pearl earrings

Double C pearl studs from the Spring 2012 (12P) collection

(Note that the earrings did not count as the 1 item quota of purchase as they were already “pre-purchased”)

What I did not expect was this little gorgeous royal blue card holder to catch my eye.

Blue – tick, patent leather – tick, Chanel- double tick. I just couldn’t say no.

Chanel Royal Blue Patent card holder

Chanel Royal Blue Patent card holder

The new bright coloured patent collection is also available in a long travel clutch, a bi-fold wallet, WOC,  medium and large just mademoiselle handbags.

Here are the two lovelies together. Love Love!
Chanel goodies

12 thoughts on “Chanel and Thursday late night shopping adventures

  1. Hi, I just asked a friend to get the pearl earring from europe. and im just wondering, does it come with authenticity card for the earring? im sorry i just need to ask cos it looks so delicate and i thought it should be sturdy and thick. do let me know if u have tips about checking its authenticity. thanks in advance

    • Hi there – unfortunately all Chanel costume jewelry don’t have authentication cards as there are no unique numbers. However to check for authenticity there should be a seal/stamp at the back of both earrings. In addition all Chanel costume jewelry earrings should only be made of base metals. Always keep the receipt as proof of purchase and you have 1 year worldwide warranty.

      Hope your friend will bring back a pair of lovely new earrings for you. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. You know, just shopping at Chanel…nothing special… haha! I actually really love those studs :-) They’re so simple and elegant and I love the bright colour of the card holder xx

      • Damn, did my comment sound like I was being rude??!! I totally didn’t mean it like that if it did, I promise :-) I meant that’s how i’d be if it was me…pretending like it was nothing big if I went into Chanel (where really I’d probably be taking a pic of me and uploading it straight away to Facebook haha) xx

  3. K, I luuuurve that bright blue! It just pops!
    I am sadly the owner of a pair of crystal CC’s a la eBay… Of which I now feel incredibly scabby seeing those gorgeous pearly beauties (and the real thing!). So much pretty!
    Thanks for mentioning the Clinique mascara swap thing, do you know if it is one per customer? I might have to stake out as many counters as I can find… I have four old blue mascara’s I want to trade in! ;-) Doesn’t count as breaking any Ban of mine yay!

    • Thanks! The clinique mascara swap offer says only 1 per person but I guess there’s no harm in swapping for more as long as you bring in a mascara. The swap is for 6 week sample size only and there are 3 types to choose from

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