Today I’m wearing: Pink suede leather Gloves

Pink Gloves

Photo of the Day: My pink gloves from Florence

Glove Weather Glove fun

Yay, it’s finally cold enough for glove weather!!!

This cloudy, cold weather had been hanging around for while quite some time, but only until maybe yesterday that I would say Winter is officially here!

I love Winter!

Yes, I occasionally complain about the cold and having trouble waking up in the mornings.

But nothing beats the cold crisp morning air or the satisfaction of a cup of nice warm coffee or tea (and dipped with a Tim Tam of course!)

The winter wardrobe also comes to play. Love my scarves, my coats, my boots, my knits and my gloves!

I bought these pair of suede leather gloves from Martelli Gloves in Florence. And I would say it is one of my best purchases that I have ever made.

When in Florence, shop for leather, and in particular, leather gloves.

Not only is there one store or two stores, there are many many many leather glove stores in Florence. All stocked with every colour of the rainbow and every size possible!

Sizing of gloves are usually my problem. But not anymore!

Now I completely understand the saying “Fits like a glove”.