A Monday spent in good company

Outfit of the day

Outfit of the day – Ferragamo Varinas, Mulberry Lily, Forever New tweed jacket, RL Jeans.

Just to prove how great today was – the title of this blog post was initially labelled “A Sunday spent in good company”.

Luckily as I was typing this post, it clicked that today was actually Monday – definitely a public holiday put to good use!

Today was actually a very spontaneous day.

Started off with an impromptu brunch at Bills with the lovely Happy Ever After Bride. I had my usual – sweet corn fritters. We talked and talked and then kicked off for some shopping at the Junction.

Sweet Corn Fritters

We saw, we wanted, but we didn’t buy anything.

Don’t worry, we may have walked home empty handed, but we have just added a few more items onto to wishlist – things to conquer next time.

After a few spins around the centre, me being the weakling needed a pick me up.

So afternoon break was – Coffee, 2 scoops of Ice Cream with a magazine on the side for me and umm….. a san pellegrino sparkling wine for Happy Ever After Bride. Totally put me to shame! hahaha

Arvo coffee break

Since I have no shopping results, I shall share with you some oh-so-to-die-for items from the Chanel Beauty Boutique window display.

Firstly, the illustrated sign in the style of a Paris street sign:

Chanel Beauty  Boutique window display

And then the adorably cute small tag version of the sign. I WANT!!

Cut Chanel tag

And lastly a très chic illustrated sketch illuminated at the Chanel Beauty boutique store front. Wonder if Karl Lagerfeld penned it himself?

Chanel window display

Just as when I thought the day was about to end, another dear friend called to round us up for movie session to watch Looper. Joseph Gordon Levitt – oh yes, I’m totally there!

Looper was a very intense movie and clever concept. I definitely enjoyed it but was a bit too gruesome for my liking. Spent most of the movie squealing in the chair after every gun shot!

Let me know what you think of the movie.

Movie time - slurpee

Today I’m wearing: The Colour block scarf

Colour block scarf

Photo of the Day: Today I'm wearing my Colour block scarf from Alice Hannah

Cooler weather = winter wardrobe. I don’t know if I’m being over dramatic but it is freezing!!!! So out came the winter coat and my big gorgeous colour-block scarf by Alice Hannah.

I love this lambswool scarf – the bright vibrant colours instantly updates my entire outfit.

It’s just a tad too long/big on me and if I wrap it around my neck twice, I’ll look like I’m trying to swim around all the layers – not quite the look I’m after.

Alice Hannah Colour Bloack Scarf

Photo of the full length of the scarf

Today I’m wearing: 70’s Inspired Spotty Collared Dress

70's Inspired Spotty Collared Dress

Photo of the Day: 70's Inspired Spotty Collared Dress

If I were to use a few words to descirbe my style it would be, Modern but Classic and Lady Like.

Elements of my fashion style are inspired mostly from the 70’s era – lace and sheer silk textures, blouses, florals and frills, touches of masculine and feminine but also romantic and lady like.

Although I also really like the mod-look and the sassy Twiggy inspired fashion sense throughout the 60’s too.

Which fashion era is your style mostly inspired by?

70's Inspired Spotty Collared Dress 70's Inspired Spotty Collared Dress