Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes !

Here are my favourite items that I snapped up from this year’s Christmas Sales:

1. Céline loafer heels in blush beige & black spazzolato (patent leather) down to $218.85

Céline loafer heels


2. Marc Jacobs quilted leather ballerina flats in black down to $240.12
Marc Jacobs flats

Marc Jacobs

3. Zara cobalt kitten heels down to $89.95

Zara heels

A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes!

How to remove scuff marks from patent shoes

Scuffed Shoes

Scuffed Shoes remove with eraser

Scuffed Shoes removal

Nude Patent Shoes

Nothing like a big black mark on a pair of gorgeous nude pumps. The trick to remove them is with an eraser. Simply, easy and all for free!

If they don’t come off, nail polish remover also does the trick. However be sure to spot test them as it may remove the shine off the patent leather.

My Shopbop Order is here !!

Shopbop Order is here!

After 101 days I finally broke the online shopping drought! My last parcel was my Nexus 7 so technically it was longer than that, but who’s counting anyway.

So ready for the reveal!?

Here are my purchases from the Shopbop 20%off Family and Friend’s sale.

First we have a pair of RED Valentino Bow Flats in black and cameo:

Bow Flats - Red Valentino

I love love love love love bows AND patent leather AND Valentino – so it was a no brainer when I saw these flats.

I was worried that the flats were not going to be comfy as the loafer style of the heel could cut into my ankle. But they are as comfy as it can get. The soft leather lining makes it a perfect snug.

Red Valentino Bow Flats

Next purchase, a pair of Tory Burch Reva ballet flats in red volcano.

Tory Burch Reva Tonal Logo Flats

I regret not buying a pair of my own on my last US trip, ever since my friend raved on about how these Tory Burch ballet flats were the most comfy and durable pair of flats she ever had. However as comfy as they sound, I wasn’t too fond of the metal signature logo….Till I came across the tumbled leather style with leather logo of the flats.

Coincidentally, these were already marked down on Shopbop and only in my size and plus a further 20% off was too good to say no.

Natural I would’ve picked black but hot red is just exactly what I need to add a bit of colour to all of my outfits in summer!

Did you know that these Tory Burch signature flats were named after Tory’s mother, Reva?

Tory Burch Reva Tonal Logo Flats in Red Volcano

Tory Burch Reva Tonal Logo Flats and Red Valentino Bow Flats

My last purchase is the Love bracelet from Jennifer Zeuner.

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Cursive LOVE Bracelet

I’ve had this on my wishlist but every time it gets sold out before I get the chance to add it to my cart. So happy that I finally bought it and at a discount!

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Cursive LOVE Bracelet in Rose Gold


So that’s it for now. Hope everyone grabbed some goodies from the Shopbop sale. Don’t forget Black Friday Sales is coming up soon. :)

Today I’m wearing: Mulberry Pink Patent Lily

Mulberry Pink Patent Lily

Photo of the Day: Carrying my Mulberry Pink Patent Lily

Today I’m Wearing:

What did I receive in the mail today… #8

Received my order from Matches Fashion today. Very impressed with the level of service and speedy delivery.

I had troubles with processing my order online but they called me to get the order finalised. So apologetic and just lovely – especially when they realised they had called me at midnight (but I didn’t mind, shopping totally trumps sleep! Just a note, I’m located in Sydney and Matches Fashion is in the UK)

Alright show and tell time:

The parcel box is just gorgeous and was bubble wrapped on the outside!!

What did I receive in the mail today… #8

Pretty Box

Matches Fashion Order

Order from Matches Fashion

Wrapped in tissue paper and a neatly tied bow. As you can see the parcel box was far bigger in size compared to the item.  (I was worried that they had sent me the wrong item – but shouldn’t have had any doubts)

Matches Fashion wrapping

Nicely wrapped!!

Mulberry goodie

Can you guess which Mulberry?

Mulberry Lily

Photo of the Day: Mulberry Lily!

That’s right I got the Mulberry Lily in patent pink !!!

You may remember me lusting over her in a previous post. I’m such a happy new bag owner :)

Chanel and Thursday late night shopping adventures

Chanel goodies in the box

Photo of the day: Chanel goodies in the box

I may or may not have spent my “resisted from shopping at the shopbop sale savings” on some irresistible Chanel during my Thursday late night shopping…

You see, I was proud that I was not tempted from the 20% off family and friends sale that I rewarded myself by having unlimited amounts of chocolate during the day. Needless to say I was a little hyperactive.

In addition, given that it was Thursday late night shopping and I stayed back at work waiting for a report never arrived on time (grrr), I told myself that I was able to purchase 1 thing tonight.

Despite reports that the consumer sentiment has been low (the lowest in 8 months to be exact), the shopping scene was quite busy.

Christian Louboutin was busy with its Private 20th Anniversary celebration affairs. Mid-season sales at David Jones and mid-season sales at Myer.

As part of Clinique Australia‘s current promotions, I swapped one of my old mascaras for one of Clinique’s High Impact mascara. (Get to one of their counters while stock lasts!)

I was almost run over by a group of crazy ladies in Prada, I got run over by a group of crazy shoppers in Zara.

I also had to drop by Chanel to pick up my double C pearl studs from the Spring 2012 collection.

Here she is:

Chanel  Double C pearl earrings

Double C pearl studs from the Spring 2012 (12P) collection

(Note that the earrings did not count as the 1 item quota of purchase as they were already “pre-purchased”)

What I did not expect was this little gorgeous royal blue card holder to catch my eye.

Blue – tick, patent leather – tick, Chanel- double tick. I just couldn’t say no.

Chanel Royal Blue Patent card holder

Chanel Royal Blue Patent card holder

The new bright coloured patent collection is also available in a long travel clutch, a bi-fold wallet, WOC,  medium and large just mademoiselle handbags.

Here are the two lovelies together. Love Love!
Chanel goodies

{Shoe Crush} CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN 20th Anniversary Pigalove patent-leather ballet flats

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN 20th Anniversary Pigalove patent-leather ballet flats

Shoes Crush: Christian Louboutin Pigalove black patent-leather ballet flats one of the most popular styles from the Capsule Collection, created to celebrate the 20th anniversary this year.

I absolutely love the sparkling ‘Love’ across the pair of flats !!

Available at Net-a-porter US $1,595

Today I’m wearing: Christian Louboutin Pink Horatio 90 patent slingbacks

Christian Louboutin Pink Horatio 90 patent slingbacks

The sun came out just on the perfect day – it was my sister’s graduation. Attending the graduation ceremony brought back many fond memories of my uni days – carefree and fun. No doubt one of the best times of my … Continue reading

Black Patent Leather Pumps | Wardrobe Basics

Patent Leather Black Pumps

Photo of the Day: Black Patent Leather Pumps

Bought a new pair of Black Pumps from Oroton‘s private sale*. It was perfect timing as my previous pair from Tony Bianco have walked the distance and survived through many re-heels.

Black shoes are an essential to everyone’s wardrobe. For me my pair of black shoes wardrobe basics are a pair of patent leather black pumps.

The design of black pumps is simple yet classic,while still being sturdy and comfy. I prefer the shine of patent leather, more stylish compared to a soft leather finish.

It can be wore fashionably with a pair of jeans or for a professional look when teamed with a pencil skirt.

One day I will get myself a pair of black patent pumps from Christian Louboutin’s. After all Monsieur Louboutin believes that every well-dressed woman should have a “Simple Pump” in her closet.


* 50% Off Storewide‏ 15-18 March 2012, use Promo code PS2012 for purchases online.