Dîner en Blanc Sydney 2013

Dîner en Blanc Sydney 2013_01

Dîner en Blanc Sydney 2013_03

Dîner en Blanc Sydney 2013_02

Dîner en Blanc Sydney 2013_05

Dîner en Blanc Sydney 2013_06

Dîner en Blanc Sydney 2013_04

Dîner en Blanc Sydney 2013_07

Dîner en Blanc Sydney 2013_08

DEBSydney2013 Outfit

Without a doubt Dîner en Blanc will go down as one of my most memorable moments of 2013.

One gorgeous evening, one secret location, 3000 people, all dressed elegantly in white, dining with good food and good wine, celebrating with loved ones.

This is the second year that Dîner en Blanc has come to Australia and this year’s Sydney secret location was Bondi Beach. 

The location was only revealed to us only minutes before we arrived to the event. Let me tell you I was over the moon when the coach arrived at Bondi Beach.

I was devastated that I missed out on the first Sydney event held outside the MCA with a gorgeous Sydney Harbour backdrop. But I am so glad that they selected my favourite beach for this year’s event.

Nothing quite compares to having a glass of wine while burying your bare feet into the soft white sands, hearing the waves crashing to the shore and watching the sunset down the horizon.

It was breathtaking.

For a brief moment, all the lined up white tables and chairs did make it seem like we were at a private beach wedding!

All “stressful” preparation leading up to the event as totally worth it. What to eat, What to wear and What to bring.

We all had to bring our own white tables and chairs, food, wine glasses and cutlery. But the adventure of lugging our gear to an unknown destination and seeing everyone do the same was just so spontanous and fun.

At the end of the day it was simply taking time away from our busy city life to dress up and share a splendor meal with our friends and loved ones.

Such a magical experience that I’m never going to forget.

Vivid Sydney 2013 | A Festival of Light, Music and Ideas

Vivid Sydney – A Festival of Light, Music & Ideas

01-Sydney Vivid 2013

02-Sydney Vivid 2013

03-Sydney Vivid 2013

04-Sydney Vivid 2013

05-Sydney Vivid 2013

06-Sydney Vivid 2013

07-Sydney Vivid 2013

08-Sydney Vivid 2013

09-Sydney Vivid 2013 Customs House

11-Sydney Vivid 2013

12-Sydney Vivid 2013

10- Sydney Vivid 2013

13-Sydney Vivid 2013 MCA

14-Sydney Vivid 2013 Pop Up Bar

15-Sydney Vivid 2013

16-Sydney Vivid 2013

17-Sydney Vivid 2013

18-Sydney Vivid 2013

19-Sydney Vivid 2013

20-Sydney Vivid 2013

Sydney Vivid 2013 - What I Wore

For the third year in a row Sydney held the Vivid Sydney festival, transforming the iconic landmarks into an art canvas. It makes me realise what such a beautiful city I live in. #sydneypride

Colourful light installations and projections, special music events and thought provoking public talks, bringing the city to life and this year drawing crowd numbers like every night was the new years eve.

So my tip for next year, head out on a week night and go during the first few nights of the event. Rug up to stay warm and plot out your route. Every single year I have never successfully completed the entire route because I get side tracked or either I’ve ran out of time (lights turn off at midnight).

Highlights for this year were all the installations that were interactive – getting your dance groove at Customs House’ “Move Your Building”, the DJ’s box and the illuminated drums and enlightening piano at Campbells Cove.

The Harbour Bridge was part of the event for the first time but I just thought it was a bit silly that it was illuminated only on one side of the bridge and it was the side facing towards the North! (For those not in Sydney, its the side facing out towards the ocean!)

Hopefully they’ll light up both sides of the bridge next year?

Check out my Vivid Sydney 2012 post here.

Sculpture by the Sea On Seven at David Jones, Sydney

Love is Free

Sculpture By The Sea On Seven - David Jones

Tree Trunks

marble sculpture

Little People

Grass Dining Table

Camera Man

Sea of sand shoes

Sand shoes


Lazing Kangaroo

Drinking Man _

Drinking Man

Sculpture By The Sea On Seven

David Jones is hosting a special event On Seven to exhibit some of the special artworks from past years’ Sculpture by the Sea.

Instead of the beautiful ocean views the art pieces are displayed in once the Grand Ballroom On Seven at David Jones Sydney Store.

If you’re around the department store definitely make a trip up to level seven for a cultural experience and also admire the lovely views overlooking St Mary’s Cathedral.

Food and Drinks // Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

Harry's Cafe de Wheels

I can’t remember the last time I had a pie at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, so as part of my “see and do more of Sydney” we decided to revisit the Australian iconic café.

Sad to say that they’re weren’t as good as I remembered them to be.  They were surely tasty but not the best pie/hotdog in town.

Maybe the fond memories were just the thrill of having drive out to Wooloomooloo for a midnight snack.

Sunday Style at Cockatoo Island

Sunday style - Blue Lace shift dress and Marc Jacobs Large Single Bag


Blue Lace shift dress

Relaxing at Cockatoo Island

Bicycles at Island Bar

Cockatoo Island - Island Bar

View of Harbour

Island Bar at Cockatoo Island

On a sunny Sunday we headed to Island Bar on Cockatoo Island for a friend’s big 30th Birthday bash.

Despite running to and from the bar during the sun showers, it was a lovely arvo and felt like we were on a holiday resort.

Outfit of the day was a blue lace shift dress from ASOS, MBMJ large single shoulder bag, bangle from Alexis Bittar and wedges from Trenery.

On Seven at David Jones | Sydney Open 2012

On Seven at David Jones

Sydney Open is an event hosted by Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales for the public to explore some of the finest and most iconic buildings of the city.

As part of this year’s Sydney Open, David Jones’ newly refurbished Grand Ballroom hosted the opening night celebrations with a pop-up bar and music by Future Classic DJs.

On Seven at David Jones Sydney Open
Level 7 Grand Ballroom

I just loved the burnished bronze pendant lights hanging from the ceiling.

David Jones Level 7 Grand Ballroom

This is how many sets of escalators we were above ground floor. Imagine walking up and down the flights of stairs!

Level 7 Grand Ballroom - escalators

On Seven at David Jones elevators

On Seven at David Jones Sydney Open 2012

Level 7 David Jones

It was a rare opportunity to see the Grand Ballroom as this floor is usually closed off to public.

It was once “The Great Restaurant on Level 7″ where a banquet was held for the HRH Queen Elizabeth II in 1954.

There were  a couple of historic photos on display around the room but the crowds had died down by the time we arrived so the Grand Ballroom could’ve done with some more activities/attractions.

David Jones was the only venue we went so the night ended with some coffee and waffles at Max Brenner. Yum!

Max Brenner Coffee

Max Brenner

Happy weekend everyone!

Maroon 5 Overexposed World Tour | Sydney

Maroon 5 Australian Tour 2012

Maroon 5 Australian Tour 2012_2

Maroon 5 Australian Tour 2012_4

Maroon 5 Australian Tour 2012_3

Maroon 5 Australian Tour 2012_5

Maroon 5 Australian Tour 2012_6

Maroon 5 Australian Tour 2012_7

Last week, I went to the Maroon 5 Overexposed concert. I was very very very excited leading up to the event. Felt like I was a teenage girl again!!

The last time I saw Maroon 5 perform was back in 2008 and unfortunately I missed out on their tour last year as it clashed with my Europe trip. So when it was announced that they were doing 2 exclusive shows in Australia, I didn’t stand the chance of missing out.

The show was held at Sydney Entertainment Centre with The Cab and Evermore as the supporting acts.

We arrived late as we were ok with missing out on the support acts, but ended up only missing The Cab and I was surprised with the number of songs that I knew from Evermore.

Maroon 5 finally came on stage at around 9pm and the entire arena when ballistic. Everyone was up on their feet but you could definitely spot the age of the crowds whenever Maroon 5 sang a song from their older albums.

My favourite performance was definitely She Will Be Loved – not because it’s my favourite song but I loved the accoustic performance by Adam and James *swoon*.

I wished I had brought an actual camera, as my phone pics just didn’t do it justice. So I shall leave you with this gorgeous photo of Mr Adam Levine:

Food and Drinks // Barrafina Tapas Bar

Barrafina Tapas Bar

Another outing with some fellow bloggers@EtailQueen, @Helen__H ,@autumn_castle ,@Happy_E_After , @GiveMeBows and @reeseatomic. This time we headed to Barrafina, a Spanish Tapas Bar located on 2 Bligh Street.

If you’re a Sydney Sider, you may also be wondering why would such a restaurant pop up in the heart of financial district.

But like they say, don’t dis it till you’ve tried it.

Rose Sangria

Ceviche of NSW south coast snapper, avocado, lime, mint, eschallots, cilli.

30 month old Jamon & Manchego croquetas

Seared Queensland scallops, chorizo, sweetcorn puree

Semolina crumbed Dory Fillets w salsa of roasted cherry tomato, caper berries & green olives

lightly floured calamari, aioli and lemon

Whole day slow roasted lamb shoulder, eggplant puree, vegetable pisto, garden mint

banana croquettes

Chocolate fondant and ice cream

Being a relatively new restaurant,  I was very impressed with the quality of the food.

Every dish was absolutely delicious and the seating arrangement of the restaurant is roomy but yet cosy enough for larger crowds. May I also make a mention that the Sangria’s were superb.

My fav dishes were the perfect lightly crumbed croquettes, the refreshing ceviche served with the right balance of flavours from the lime, mint, avocado and the snapper and of course the dessert – the chocolate fondant with ice cream. Warm fluffy chocolate and ice cream, need I say anymore?

On the flip side however, we had a consensus that the service needed a little improvement, not that the service was bad but just needed to be a little more attentive.

Example great service:

Very pleased that a custom set menu was put together to accommodate the ideal cost of our meal and in addition we received a discount price on the Sangrias. We were able to split the bill and pay with separate credit cards (oh i love this! how convenient is it!!)

Example of a recommended improvement:

We had to call the waiter a few times as a reminder that we were waiting for a Sangria. We had to remind the waiter that we wanted to order our dessert. A couple of the Sangria’s were served without ice.

No deal breakers and we still had a lovely night filled with full of laughter and joy (thanks for an awesome night girls!). I will be looking forward to coming back again and hopefully to try out the other dishes on the Tapas menu.

Chanel The Little Black Jacket Exhibition Sydney Dates

UPDATED: See Post on   The Little Black Jacket – Chanel photo exhibition | Sydney

Image courtesy of Chanel

When I heard that Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roiterfeld were teaming up to create something magical called “The Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s Classic Revisited”, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the photo book, dedicated to the Chanel classic – little black jacket.

To accompany the launch of the The Little Black Jacket photo book at the beginning of the year, Tokyo hosted a photographic exhibition that featured a collection of photographs taken by Karl Lagerfeld and styled by Carrine Roiterfeld.

I was extremely jealous when the exhibition then traveled to many other cities – from New York to Hong Kong to Taipei and to London.

And now the exhibition is coming to Sydney!!!!!!!

Chanel The Little Black Jacket Sydney

The Little Black Jacket Chanel's classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld

The The Little Black Jacket exhibition will kick off with a VIP party on the 25 October and will be opened to public from October 27 – November 11 at Pier 2/3, 13 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, Sydney.

In the mean time, as a quick fix, watch this video of the making of the iconic little black jacket, filmed at the Paris atelier.

Macaron of the Day: Lanvin x Ladurée by Alber Elbaz

Lanvin x Ladurée designed by Alber Elbaz

Ladurée macarons

Lanvin for Ladurée designed by Alber Elbaz

Lanvn x Ladurée

Lanvn x Ladurée macarons

Ladurée macarons box set

Lanvn x Ladurée macaron

Shall we all sit and lust over my cute little box from the latest collaboration between Ladurée and Lanvin.

The limited-edition Lanvin x Ladurée macaron box designs were launched in late Sept, timed perfectly for Fashion Week. But better late than never, these special macaron box sets finally arrived at the Sydney Ladurée store.

The boxes are adorned with adorable Lanvin signature childlike illustrations by Alber Elbaz. Just a perfect match of Fashion, Fun and Food!